An Exciting Vision

We believe that God is calling us to be a church that is: 

“Building a community of people who are fully alive in Christ ” 

It’s intentional that it needs a little explanation, inviting a conversation. You see, we have all been inspired by people whose inner life is bubbling over. In fact, by knowing them, their life and spirit has overflowed onto us. We believe that Spirit comes from a walk with Jesus, and isn ’t it exactly what our troubled world needs more of? Isn ’t it what we aspire to be ourselves? That ’s Trinity! 

Jesus showed us that the way to get there involves both growing in God and growing in each other. So, we engage in special small groups called Growth Groups. On the surface they’ll help with the need each one of us has for more and deeper friendships. But deeper down we ’ll be building our relationship with God and discovering that we are not only more “fully alive” ourselves, but so are the people around us.

  • How can I Give?

     There are several ways you can support Trinity financially. 


    We encourage regular givers to set up an automatic payment through our website or through your bank's online bill pay system. This makes life easier since you remain in control of your giving but don't have to worry about it getting done. 

    Double CheckAT SERVICE You can give through cash or check on Sundays. ONE TIME GIFTS One time gifts are also possible through our website. 

    Double CheckSTOCK & ESTATE GIVING There are big tax benefits to giving non-cash gifts such as stocks or bonds. Estate planning is also a great way to give. Contact the church office and we'll be happy to help.

  • In 2024 we Anticipate...

    • Continued shining of God's light into the world through worship and other transformative ministry
    • Continued commitment to live stream and other online ministry to expand our presence in people's lives
    • Increasing participation in Growth Groups to foster deeper connections with each other and with God
    • Working for justice in our community and world
    • Hundreds of children & youth learning the way of Jesus

  • These steps demonstrate how we grow in generosity, whether in our church or anywhere in life. The first time we give is a big deal, and it changes us. The next step is to give again— occasionally. After a while, we start to plan and be intentional about how we might give, perhaps weekly or monthly. 

    The next step is another big one: when we decide to give proportionally, perhaps a certain percent of our income. The difference here is that we are no longer giving from what we have left at the end of our income, but instead have placed giving at the beginning, before our other needs. Some go even further, giving extravagantly, and making an even larger impact on the world. 

    Which step are you on? Where would you like to be? Can you envision how it might feel to move up a step this year?

Why Fill Out A Card?

Completing a card is an act of stewardship for both you and the church. Knowing your plan for the year helps us to plan our ministries to make sure we use every penny to the fullest. The act of planning also helps us as individuals to think more deeply about our giving and to be more intentional about how we grow in generosity both of our financial gifts and otherwise. If your financial situation changes, we will understand! You can always let us know of a change. But the risk of change should never prevent us from planning well!