Growth Groups

Our Winter session of Growth Groups has began! 

If you missed out on our Winter session, don't worry you can still join us for our Spring session starting the week of April 19th.  Look out for when registration begins!

What is Growth Group?

Growth groups are small groups of adults, at first we will meet over zoom but eventually meet in homes or at church on a weekly basis. During the meetings study God’s Word, share together and support one another in their Christian lives. Groups will meet on various days and times of the week which will be determined by Group Leaders. Group meetings consist of Bible study, fellowship, prayer and encouragement. Growth Groups are the place where we establish relationships and grow towards spiritual maturity together. We believe no one walks alone. We need each other!

Sunday Questions: Week of Feb. 21st

1. Read Genesis 9:8-17. What does this reveal about God’s heart for creation and for humanity in particular? 

2. Can you think of a time when God helped you through difficulty, even if you didn’t realize it at the time?