The gathering place

Members of Trinity are invited to join us to serve dinner at the Gathering Place once a month, on a Thursday at 5:30pm. 

Contact the church office for information!  

the backpack program

Lincoln, Nebraska has a heartbreaking number of families who struggle with food scarcity. One way that we work together to support our neighbors is through the Backpack Program. Packing bags between services every Sunday is open to all!

If you have the ability to help us receive the food from our Food Bank partners during the week or the capacity to deliver the food to Hill Elementary, we need you! Sign up to help here, or contact Roger or Bonnie Young at 717-968-5109 to find out more.


Trinity United Methodist Church is a congregation who welcomes everyone and affirms that all people are created in the image of God, inclusive of race, nationality, age, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, relationship structure, physical ability, mental ability, economic class, and educational background.  We believe that no one is incompatible with the love of God.  We aspire to model the love, compassion, justice, and mercy of Jesus Christ throughout the United Methodist connection, local communities, and the world. To this end, we intend to, with an open heart, support the intentions of persons of any identity to affirm their love before God and this congregation at our marriage altars, and to testify their love for God in all facets of lay and ordained ministry.  

victory park

Victory Park has housing for veterans and we provide meals for them on certain holidays and also supplement their needs by collecting items through seasonal drives.

Lydia Patterson Institute

It began in 1913 when Mrs. Lydia Patterson, a Methodist laywoman acting through the Women's Missionary Society of her church, noticed that young Hispanic boys in el barrio had no school to attend and began to setup schools in the homes of Mexican Methodists. Her spirit and vision is still alive today at Lydia Patterson Institute where over 400 young men and women, a majority of whom are from Ciudad Juarez, continue to be educated in a challenging academic environment. The Staff at LPI see themselves as strategically situated geographically, demographically, and historically to serve as a bridge that will span the social, cultural and spiritual realities of a very diverse population. Today's conditions offer an exciting and challenging season in which to serve God as we serve humankind.

Trinity UMC makes trips to LPI at least once annually to volunteer for specific projects that help maintain the facilities and outreach of the school. To find out more, come by the Connection Center in the Trinity UMC welcome area.

Kenya Ministries

Partnering with local ministries in Kenya, the Faith in Action team has supported the education and health initiatives of vulnerable Kenya populations.